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In the words of Nomi Wagner

I am forever grateful to Dev Priya for bringing me through a severe health crisis. For years I had built up my strength and stamina in her popular hatha and kundalini yoga classes.

Then, at 78, a badly botched surgery, subsequent pneumonia, and months of feeding tubes nearly derailed me. People thought I was a goner, but thanks to the yoga strength she had developed in me, I survived.

As I recovered and was able to return to her classes, Dev Priya gently (as always) helped me regain my stamina. She has an uncanny ability to recognize each student’s capabilities and challenges and to help them on an individual basis. Today I am stronger than ever and still a loyal student, several days a week.

Dev Priya saved my life! There is no way I am missing her classes!

In the words of Dr. Kimber Wilkes

I have been a dedicated yoga student for many years but the very spark of my love for yoga began with Dev Priya’s classes.

It was through her gentle guidance, intuition and attentiveness to adapt each pose to the class, I realized that it allowed me to take my practice even further.

I appreciate the thought she has put into each session to make sure that each minute spent there is meaningful and useful to mind and body.

Being an "older" student,  I am happily in my best physical & mental health ever.  I know that I use her techniques in everyday life for coping during stressful times and taking the time to notice and observe before reacting. I am more attuned to all around me as well.

At a physical level, I feel stronger, more energized and willing to push myself further to that "edge"....such a gift at this point in my life when balance and bone & muscle strength are more important than ever and am thankful and amazed at how far I have come on my personal journey with the skilled knowledge given by Dev Priya.

I’ve had many teachers over the years, but she tops them all!!

In the words of Heidi Hening

I've been practicing yoga for 30 years and teaching professionally for about 6 years.


I met DevPriya when I started taking hatha yoga classes from her shortly after I moved to the area in 2010.  I loved her classes.  Her knowledge of the practice combined with heartfelt compassion kept bringing me back to her classes.  DevPriya looks, listens, and brings the full yoga experience, as it's meant to be' to each and every class.  Awakening of the mind - awakening of the body - and deepening of the heart and spirit.  Her teachings have become my spiritual church.


I was in a very frightening and painful accident on May 31,2020.  I was hit by a truck while taking a walk.  In the hospital I imagined I was in DevPriya's Kundalini class- I began chanting and pictured myself surrounded with love - all things that DevPriya has taught me.  I initially couldn't move from the waist down,  due to broken bones and severe pain.  I began daily breath of fire (pranayama) and did everything I could from the waist up.  I know for a fact that I was able and wanting to do this due to DevPriya's teachings.

She helped me listen to my "true self."

She gave me the knowledge to "listen to my body."

She helped me find the wisdom to "follow my heart"

I am and always will be forever grateful and proud to say that DevPriya is the best and most caring Kundalini teacher that I know.  And yes, her hatha classes are wonderful as well.


Heidi Hening

RYT 200 

P.S.  I am now up and walking and practicing with DevPriya in her Kundalini classes everyday I can.  Sat Nam

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