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Adaptive Yoga

Adaptive Yoga is the customization of the yoga practice to where you are at today. Too often this is categorized as beginner, intermediate, or advanced - but DevPriya recognizes that the expertise of your practice is not linked to your physical body. 

DevPriya brings adaptive yoga to all of her students by knowing each student personally and ensuring that her classes ensure proper cues for every yogi. 



Adaptive Yoga with DevPriya

Find your journey of yoga

Embrace awareness and strength

adapting your poses

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini yoga uses systems of kriyas (sets) that include asanas (physical poses), breathing techniques, mantra (chanting) and focused meditation.  Through the kriyas we achieve increased physical health and strength, heightened sensory awareness, enhanced intuition, and a deeper sense of our own connection to a universal consciousness or to that which unites us all.  It is often called the yoga of awareness.  

This practice can be adapted to most everyone.



Traditionally, hatha yoga includes any type of yoga that pairs poses (asanas) with breathing techniques (pranayama). Here in the west, it is considered hatha when we slow the pace and focus on body alignment and movement with the breath.  In hatha classes, while moving and holding poses, we deepen our breath and self-awareness while stretching and strengthening our muscles. Join DevPriya's class and allow yourself calm and peace of mind.

This gentle approach can be adapted to fit most everyone.


As an adaptive yoga enthusiast with

700 hours of yoga teacher training courses and multi decades as a devoted practitioner of the art and science of yoga, I have found the way to keep yoga in my daily life alongside my journey with Multiple Sclerosis.

As an experienced yoga instructor, my focus is helping students to find their own path on this journey of self-love and awareness.  With movement, breath, and meditation - my goal is to help bring each student to a practice that reaches into their own pace and with that gain strength and ease. 

Are you ready to make a positive change in your daily routine?


She has an uncanny ability to recognize each student’s capabilities and challenges and to help them on an individual basis.

Nomi Wagner

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"The only limitation is that which one sets up in one's own mind."

Napolean Hill

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